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What to expect
We want you to be well informed and understand all stages of your project

1: Contact


- We answer your quote, email or call and discuss options

2: Research


- All projects require preliminary research on the subject and abutting properties. All projects are different, completing a thorough search gives us a better understanding of what is required to survey your property

3: Quote and Consult


- We estimate the project timeframe and provide an approximate cost. 

4: Booking


- We schedule your project and provide a timeframe for completion of all stages

5: Survey


- Once all research has been completed, we visit the job site and carry out all required fieldwork. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

6: Office calculations and drafting


- Once all fieldwork has been completed, the O.L.S. (Ontario Land Surveyor) will analyze all data. Using all available field data and research, they can then determine the most accurate re-establishment of the property corners. Drafters can then use this information to create detailed plans.

7: Delivery


- Once completed we deliver the final plans to you. All projects come with a signed project report outlining our findings during fieldwork and research.

JMLS works with:

Home Owners
Land Owners


Construction Companies
Infrastructure Companies

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm

Office Location:

1502 Rideau Ferry Road,

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