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Construction and Engineering

Topographic Plan of Surveys

Shows the existing physical features of a project. These plans are used by Engineers, planners and architects to assist with the detailed design of a proposed project. Elevations, contours, and the physical details noted above, on and below ground.


New Home Construction Package (NHC)

Most new builds require an up-to-date survey of your property. To obtain a building permit, you would most likely need an SRPR or Site Plan with the proposed dwelling, proposed septic, and proposed well locations. Once we receive your design and site plan, we ensure it fits all zoning and by-law requirements, then stake for excavation. We set offset stakes and cut pins to underside of footing elevation (USF), then pin the foundation wall locations, following by nailing on top of foundation for the walls. Once the foundation walls are poured, we then as-built the structures and complete an SRPR which is normally required by your local municipality, township, county or City/Town.


Construction Stakeouts

After gathering all IFC (issued for construction) drawings, we calculate all key construction points. We require a minimum of two-business days notice for layout. Minimum 4 hours per site visit required.


Plan of Survey/As-Built Plans

This may refer to a reference plan or a plan such as a Surveyors Real Property Report (SRPR), or other survey plans not deposited in the Land Registry Office.


Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks

Horizontal and vertical control are developed to create a framework around which other surveys can be adjusted. These control surveys are used for accurate mapping projects in the construction of underground utility systems, roadways, power lines, tunnels, and many other high precision projects

JMLS works with:

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Construction Companies
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